Half price deals for MAKITA laptop battery, 50%OFF

A MAKITA laptop battery is one of the first accessories that will need to be changed after a period of time. When choosing a laptop one should pay close attention on the kind of battery the laptop packs. Currently the most popular and standard battery is the Lithium-ion battery. Halfpricebattery.co.uk was formed to provide customers with an amazing collection of MAKITA laptop batteries and adapters at a fraction of the local store price.

Popular Brands:

  • MAKITA battery for Makita BL1830 BL1815 bl 1830 bl 1815 LXT400 2PCS 5000mAh 18V
      BL1815    BL1830    BL1840 
    50% OFFGBP 104.97
  • MAKITA battery for Makita DC18RA DC18RD Chargers Series 4500mah 18V
    50% OFFGBP 76.07
  • MAKITA battery for Makita Cordless Screwdriver DF010DSE with 2PCS battery 1500mAh 7.2V
    50% OFFGBP 56.07
  • MAKITA battery for Makita BFS450 BFS450 with 2 battery 4500mAh 18V
      BL1815    BL1830 
    50% OFFGBP 135.35
  • MAKITA battery for Makita TD090D TD090DW 1500mAh 10.8V
      BL1013    194550-6    194551-4 
    50% OFFGBP 45.69
  • MAKITA battery for MAKITA 3700D 4307D UM1200DW serie with 2 battery 2100mah 7.2V
    50% OFFGBP 77.55
  • MAKITA battery for Cordless Drill Saw Power Tool Volt 3000mAh 18V
    50% OFFGBP 68.66
  • MAKITA battery for Makita Battery Pack 14.4V Li-Ion 3.0aH 3000mAh 14.4V
      BL1430    194066-1 
    50% OFFGBP 70.89
  • MAKITA battery for Makita BDF452HW/BHP453RFX with 2 battery 3000mAh 18V
      BL1830    BL1815    194204-5 
    50% OFFGBP 124.98
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