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Cheap MP3 Player in UK
This is an i-BIRD Vibration Speaker and MP3 Player with 2GB Memory and built-in battery – the world’s coolest MP3 player!
The i-Bird is an MP3 player that turns any surface it touches into a speaker, like magic! This utterly unique MP3 player sticks onto any surface, vertical or horizontal, such as your car window, a tabletop, marble or a mirror, and transforms the surface into a hi-fi speaker. It has a 1GB memory to store your favorite audio files.
This ingenious invention uses vibration technology to turn any suitable flat surface into a high quality audio speaker - wood, glass, concrete, tables, desks, countertops, etc. The sound changes depending on the surface - wood surfaces produce more bass; glass surfaces accentuate the high frequencies. Whatever your mood you can change the sound quality by simply placing the i-Bird on a different surface. It not only sounds great, but also has a high-tech elegant design.
i-bird Introduction:
Appearance: Cute and peculiar design; smooth surface; bright color

-Vibration speaker + MP3 player with built-in battery
-Pure vibration speaker - the product itself does not produce sound but delivers vibration to the surface it rests on to create hi-fi sound.
-Sound effects are different depending on the surface: harder materials such as glass, metal and marble are more sensitive and deliver higher frequency tones. Softer materials such as wood deliver more pronounced low frequency tones.
-Sound is transmitted throughout the surface it rests on so you can enjoy the same volume and sound quality at any point on the surface.
-Elegant high-tech design.
-2G memory capacity
-Mini USB plug (download function)
-Power switch
-Volume and songs controlled by tail
-Bottom suction cup affixes to any surface

Advantage:  waterproof; corrosion resistant; environment-friendly; energy-saving
Suitability: CD, PC, Music phone, MP3, MP4, ipod, iphone, LeapPad or other 3.5mm audio devices.

i-BirdMagic secrets:
i-bird adopts ultra crystal technology and delivers vibration to any hard surface it rests on to create hi-fi sound. Sound effects are different depending on different surfaces and bring you different enjoyment. Due to it transmit sound through solid and rarely impeded by air, you can still hear its sound even if you are in a long distance away from it. It has a unique Slot loading "foot" which make it can stand on a smooth surface firmly either vertically or horizontally. I-bird has strong corrosion resistance, common acid, alkali, oil do no harm to it.

i-Bird operation:
Suction cup fastness: fully rest "my" foot (the suction cup) on the surface, and rotate "me" clockwise, then "i" starts singing for you; rotate "me" counter-clock wise, you can bring "me" back.
On/off button: the power button is on "my" belly, press it, "i" start working; press again, "i" stop working
Start/pause button: it’s on "my" back, press it, "i" sing for you; press again, "i" pause.
Music adjustment: check out "my" tail, it is not only a decoration, it has big functions! Long press it to the left or right, you can control the volume; short press it to the left or right, you can switch the music.
Charger: press power button when charging, the light on "my" back indicates red; when it is fully charged, the red light turns off.

Note: although "I" have a strong body and need not be treated with special care, but my "skin" should be avoided from corrosive liquid and gas, and "i " don’t like high temperature and humidity.

Package Contents:
-Min USB to USB cable
-Audio cable
-User manual
-Warranty Card

-Output 5V DC
-Sensitivity 70dB
-Battery 1000mA/h
-Playing time 2-3h
-Charging time 3-4h
-Memory 1G
-Built-in lithium battery

1. No Sound
-Please check if the power is on
-Please check if the display light (on the back, blue) is on
-Please check if the battery is low

2. Small volume
->Check if you turn up the volume
-Check if the surrounding is too noisy
-Check if there is poor contact between suction cup and the surface
-Check if the surface is too soft or not smooth enough

3. Poor sound quality
-Check if you place it on a correct surface
-Check if the signal is good
-Check if the surface on which you rest your i-bird is suitable for sound or not (hard and smooth material is recommended)
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