Free shipping - 4 battery &Charger Dock Station for Nintendo Wii Remote

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Cheap Charger Dock Station in UK

Charge Station

User Manual
1. Please plug DC5V into input port, power decorate light is blue(if you no need decorate light, please turn switch to "OFF", if you need, turn it to "ON")
2. Please put 1-4pcs matched batteries in controller for charging, the light will turn red when it's in charging, after full charging it will turn blue.

This item is compatible with charging for Wii controller, it has 4pcs charge ports, so it can charge 4pcs controllers at the same time. And it have 4pcs match battery packs, so no need to worry power problem.
1. It can charge 4pcs controllers at the same time.
2. It's charging with design of impulse voltage circuit.
3. It matched big capacity Ni-MH battery, simple and convenient to use.
4. It's taste, tidiness when you put.

1. Please attention input voltage in right way, don't hyper 5.6v for burnout this item.
2. Please keep product far away from water, fire for avoiding battery explode, don't it in humidity and causticity place.
3. Please use product in correct way! Don't do any destroy act on it.

Electric character
1. Input voltage: DC5V
2. Out put No-load impulse voltage: DC2-3V
3. No-load current: 51-55mA
4. Load current: (100-180mA)*4PCS
5. Charger connecter hardware height: 23mm*4PCS
6. Battery pack: big N-M battery

Colour: white
Size: 194*55*48mm
Weight: 117g

Package size: 230*222*66mm
Package weight: 450g

Item Includes 
1* Wii 1*4 Charge Station
4* 1800mAh (2.4v) battery
1* Cable