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Cheap Multimeter in UK
It is a high precise leveling multimeter tester.The high sensitive induction coil enable inducting weak current passed through.
The readings is highly accurate.It is a very practical tool for electricians,and also a nice teaching instrument for students.
Diode assembly test
Transistor P-N junction test
Transistor hFE test.
Measuring range:
Max AC Voltage range:1000V
Max DC Voltage range:1000V
Max DC Current:10A
Resistance Measurement:0 Ohm-20M Ohm range
Scale degree:show as in table
Test Range Tap Position Index Dial To read Scale Factor Accuracy at FSD Middle index dial reading
DC Voltage 0.1V 0�10 x0.01 ±3%(1000V;5) 0.05V
0.5V 0ï½?50 x0.01 0.25V
2.5V 0ï½?250 x0.01 1.25V
10V 0ï½?10 x1 5.0V
50V 0ï½?50 x1 25V
250V 0ï½?250 x1 125V
1000V 0ï½?10 x100 500V
AC Voltage 10V AC 10V x1 ±4%(1000V;5) 5V
50V 0ï½?50 x1 25V
250 0ï½?250 x1 125V
1000V 0ï½?10 x100 500V
DC Current 50uA 0�50 x1 ±3%(10A;5) 25uA
2.5mA 0ï½?250 x0.01 1.25mA
25mA 0ï½?250 x0.1 12.5mA
0.25A 0ï½?250 x0.001 0.125A
10A 0ï½?10 x1 5A
Resistance x1 Ω x1 ±3% 20Ω
x10 x10 200Ω
x100 x100 2KΩ
x1K x1000 20KΩ
x10K x10000 200KΩ
Note:In order to get more accurate result,please select matching tap positions.To ensure in safety,better not
measure the voltages over range.Specially,dont't make a mistake in wiring because of polarity discrepancy.Or
it could damage the meter.

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