Free shipping - Flash Battery Pack CP-E4 for Canon 580EX II 550EX 8x AA

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Cheap power supply in UK

This external flash battery pack is an external power source for a higher flash capacity, and suitable for Canon 580EX/EXII/550EX/MR-14EX flashlight.
A good external power source for flashes.
Suitable for continuous flash use (Maximum of 15 consecutive shots without break or risk of overheating).
Ensuring a stable power supply for the flashes.
Can reduce recycling time to less than half of a normal cycle and can give up to double the amount of flashes as the (Depending on state of battery charge).
Protective soft case can be hold on belt or put in a bag; light and easy to carry.
The one-way connector plug is designed to avoid mis-connections which can lead to flash unit damage.
1/4" Standard thread for tripod mount.
Support Canon flash light: 580 EXII, 580EX, 550EX, MR-14EX, MT-24EX.
Uses 8 * AA size batteries (same batteries as flash) prior to a shoot to ensure fast and smooth A good replacement of Canon CP-E4 battery pack.

Power: 8 * AA batteries (Not included)
Output Voltage: 12V
Color: Black
Item Dimensions: 17 * 7 * 2.6cm
Item Weight: 210g
Package Size: 18.3 * 9.7 * 6.2cm
Package Weight: 270g

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