Free shipping - Multifunction Skin Cleaner Massager Scrubber LCD H4121

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Cheap Skin Scrubber in UK
Wanna own perfect skin like babies? This item is your best choice: quickly and thoroughly
clean up the dirt and ageing horny in the deep skin, gradually lighten the dark spots on
your skin, eliminate your wrinkles and lift your face, relax your skin, promote blood
circulation and metabolism, prevent acne and blain....
* Works through ultrasonic high frequency (28000Hz) vibration and mild heating.
* Let your facial cells vibrate and activate with it.
* Four modes: PEEL, TONE, CLEAN, LIFT.
* Quickly and thoroughly clean up the dirt and ageing horny in the deep skin.
* Gradually lighten the dark spots on your skin.
* Eliminate your wrinkles and lift your face.
* Massage your face.
* Relax your skin.
* Promote blood circulation and metabolism of your skin.
* Cure and prevent acne and blain.
* Large LCD screen.
* Modes, working time and working intensity adjustable.
* Works better together with skin care products such as deep cleansing oil, cleaning foam,
toner, massage cream, essential oil, essence cream, etc.
* 100-240V AC power supply. (AC/DC power adaptor with long cable provided)
* Mild and soft vibration and heating, without any bad effect on your skin.
* Dencent and ergonomic design. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry and handle.Easy operation.
Lets you own perfect skin like babies.
A necessary beauty equipment for men and women, young and old.
* Working mode: Ultrasonic high frequency (28000Hz) vibration and mild heating
* Output frequency: 7W
* Output voltage: DC 15V
* Power supply: 100-240V AC power
* Powered by: AC/DC power adaptor (provided)
* Color: Beige and gray (as shown in the pictures)
* Cable length: Approx. 1.7m
* Product size: 180*53*27mm
* Package size: 250*202*70mm
* Produt weight: 123g
* Package weight: 589g
Item Include:
1 * Portable Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Cleaner Massager LCD
1 * AD/DC power adaptor
1 * User manual