Free shipping - 3-Port A/V RCA VIDEO GAME SELECTOR SWITCH for PS2 xBox

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Cheap GAME accessory in UK
This switcher conveniently connects several AV products to a television set.
With a flick of the switch, you can change input signals between a video player and game equipment,
without having to manually replace the AV input cables with the TV set.
Device has three sets of AV inputs, for DVD players, game consoles and other AV equipment that can be hooked up to a TV set
Input selector switch allows AV input switching between the three devices hooked up to the switcher
3 groups AV audio-video signal input and 1 group AV audio-video output to TV
Plug and play. No driver required
User can share DVD/VCD, VCR, TV Game console, Play Station.., etc. to a single output without pluging and unpluging wires.
Each AV input has one video and two audio RCA connectors
Available colour: Yellow. We will supply with the colour what we have in stock. If colour is critical,
please email seller for a confirmation before buying.
Net Weight:122g
Unit Packing Gross Weight:148g
Item Includes:
AV signal switcher ;
RCA cable for connecting the switcher to the TV set
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