Free shipping - Mini 8 Multi Voice Changer Microphone Megaphone Loudspeaker 3 in 1

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Cheap Microphone in UK

Portable size.
Easy to operate.
Can make your sounds more louder.
Can change your voice from male to female or female to male freely.
It can change to 8 kinds of different voices: Male (3 types), Female (3 types), Robot, and .
Can work with MP3, MP4, cell phone, and computer.
High performance-to-price ratio.
High quality, good frequency response.
Low power consumption.
Two lithium batteries, long battery life, up to 8 hours, charging low voltage protection function.
Loudspeaker enclosure is ABS material, case with strap, can be worn at the waist.
Suitable for teaching, tour guiding, sales promotion, and speech, etc.

Max output power: 10W
Working voltage: 10.5V, 120MA
Frequency response: 200Hz-15kHz
Battery: 1000Ma lithium
Color: Black
Housing: ABS
Host size: 98 * 85 * 35mm
Net weight: 400g

Item Includes:
1 * Voice Changer Microphone & Megaphone
1 * Microphone
2 * Lithium batteries
1 * Strap
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Manual

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