Free shipping - 3.0Ah Battery for DEWALT 14.4V 14.4volt DW906 DW918 DE9094 DW931K DW984,DW985K-2

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Brand New.
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Cheap Dewalt battery in UK
Battery Type :Ni-MH
Voltage :14.40V
Capacity :3000mAh
Dimension :113.80 x 80.80 x 108.20 mm
Weight: 450g

Important : This is a overweight Ni-MH battery ,we ship this battery by airmail ,the delivery time is about 7-15 days ,if you need this battery urgent ,we can ship it by express ,the delivery time is about 5-6 days, but you must pay extra $ 20 USD shipping cost to us ,if you need any other help .please contact us

Compatible with Battery Model:
DC9091, DE9038, DE9091, DE9092, DE9094, DE9502, DW9091, DW9094

Fit modle:
DC528, (Flash Light) DC551KA, DC612KA, DC613KA, DC614KA, DC615KA, DC728KA, DC730KA, DC731KA, DC731KB, DC732KL, DC733KA, DC733KL, DC735KA, DC735KB, DC757KA, DC757KB, DC830KA, DC830KB, DC835KA, DC835KB, DC930KA, DC935KA, DC935KB, DC935VA, DC936KA, DC936VA, DC983KA, DC983SA, DC984KA,
DC984KB, DC984VA, DC985KA, DC985VA, DCD920KX, DCD930B2, DCD930KX, DCD930VX, DCD935B2, DW054K-2, DW055K-2, DW906, DW918, DW928K, DW928K-2, DW931K, DW931K-2, DW935, DW935K, DW937K, DW941K, DW941K-2, DW954, DW966K, DW966K-2, DW969K-2, DW983K, DW983K-2, DW984, DW984K-2, DW985, DW985K-2, DW985KV-2, DW991K-2, DW992K-2, DW994KQ, DW996K-2
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