Free shipping - Caline CP-18 Overdrive Guitar Pedal Pre AMP Pedal Orange

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Cheap Guitar pedal in UK
This product is with small and exquisite appearance, ture bypass design, it
gives you variety of your dream sounds, easy and convenient to use, suitable
for electric guitar.

Small and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry.
True bypass this effect pedal, it gives you variety of your dream sounds.
A 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable 15dB, two band active EQ which adds a
wide range of harmonic content, it can help you catch your ideal voice.
Try to use the pre-gain stage, you will find the pedal go from a very pristine
clean to a very smooth, compressed, overdriven sound.
If you switch off it, true bypass can eliminate any signal interference.
It is easy to operate, suitable for electric guitar.

Color: Orange
Product weight: 274g
Package weight: 328g
Product size: 11.5 * 6.5 * 5.5cm
Package size: 12.5 * 11.6 * 7.2cm

Item Includes:
1 * Overdrive guitar pedal