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iLuv's innovative iMM178 Vibe Plus dual alarm clock makes waking up easier and more enjoyable. Featuring a unique bed shaker
with speaker that slips under a pillow, the Vibe Plus awakens even the deepest sleeper with a gentle vibration and the music
of an iPod or iPhone, which plays through the shaker's integrated speaker. Enjoy rich, resonant sound from the powerful, built-in
speakers and advanced acoustic engineering. Choose from multiple alarm clock settings that offer a wide range of choices in music,
alarms, and vibration alerts for a comfortable and reliable sleep and wake experience. The jumbo screen display features a midnight
black background with blue pixelated font and icons, which makes the Vibe Plus extremely user-friendly and intuitive.
Bed Shaker with Integrated Speaker
Because the sound of a typical alarm can often be unpleasant or ineffective, the Vibe Plus offers a wide variety of different
alarms so you can start your day off right. It features a speaker-shaker that can be placed beside you in bed or underneath
your pillow as you sleep. The shaker's fully integrated speaker plays the music of your iPhone/iPod or alarm sounds. And to
make sure that you don't oversleep, the speaker-shaker provides an adjustable volume switch that allows the user to select either
a low, medium, or high intensity. On the rear side of the Vibe Plus, there is also a convenient adjustable switch where the speaker
output can be varied from either the main unit speaker, the main unit speaker and the speaker-shaker, or the speaker-shaker itself. Thus,
finding the perfect balance of being shaken and stirred is so easy.
The shaker can also be used as a nighttime speaker to lull you to sleep with the music of your iPod, iPhone, or the built-in FM radio.
Plays and Charges Your iPhone or iPod
Featuring a universal dock for your iPhone or iPod, the Vibe Plus not only plays your device--it charges it as well. Now you can stay
powered-up, even while you're listening.
Powerful Speakers Deliver Deep, Clear Sound
With advanced jAura acoustic speaker technology, the Vibe Plus delivers robust, deep bass sound with clear, crisp treble notes.
And with a treble and bass control right at your fingertips, your iPhone or iPod playlist never sounded so good.
Customizable Alarm Clock with Time Sync
The convenient programmable Vibe Plus lets you select specific days of the week for activation: every day, weekdays, or
just weekends. Using the onboard controls, you can select your wake mode, choosing from either your device's iTunes library
or the built-in FM radio. The Vibe Plus also offers seven unique alarm sounds that include a buzzer, rooster, train horn,
xylophone, telephone ring, horse race (Reveille), or a cuckoo clock.
In addition, the clock automatically synchronizes with the time on your iPhone or iPod. And for sleepers who are sensitive
to light, the digital display comes equipped with a 10-step dimmer control.
Compatible with Most iPhones and iPods
The Dual Alarm Clock is compatible with most iPhones and iPods available today, including the iPhone 4
(on both AT&T and Verizon networks), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch (1G, 2G), iPod nano (1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G),
iPod classic, iPod with video, fourth-generation iPod, and iPod mini.
What's in the Box
Vibe Plus dual alarm clock with bed speaker-shaker for iPhone, AC adapter, bed shaker, instruction manual, and warranty card.