Free shipping - 6ft Premium Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable (S/PDIF)

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Connects any stereo or home theater system with Toslink digital audio port. Works with digital receivers, CD/DVD, MiniDisc players/recorders, or any other digital audio device with optical connectors.
Toslink optical cables are the defacto standard for most stereos, home-theatres, TVs, DVD/CD players, digital receivers, and satelite receivers.

Product Features

HEAVY 6.0mm JACKET Helps Prevent Cable Damage and Provides Additional Strain Relief
Outer Cable Diameter: 6.0mm
NYLON Braided Sleeve Jacket
Suitable for in-wall installation
TL1-5 Toslink Standard End Connectors
RoHS Compliant (Lead Free)
GOLD-PLATED FERRULE Prevents Corrosion and Provides for Maximum Protection of the Fiber Tip
PRECISION POLISHED FIBER TIPS for Maximum Signal Transfer (includes tip protectors)

Toslink is a connector format for fiber optic digital audio cables. A fiber optic digital audio cable carries audio data in the form of light impulses instead of electrical signals. The Toslink connector is a square plug and is used with newer Dolby Digital surround sound receivers, digital versatile discs (DVDs), and compact disk (CD) players, satellite dish receivers, and other devices.

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