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 Quick Description

On the outside this looks like any other desk clock... Which is good to be honest as it does function as one... However, it is also a spy cam!


This analogue desk clock with spy camera and motion sensor is a perfect combination of a clock and a practical surveillance gadget. As a desk clock, it has the feature of keeping accurate time... As a surveillance device, it can be set up in your home, office or shop to monitor what is going on. It is a covert way to keep an eye on the place for a long time.

It can record in both a none stop video and motion detection mode (3 to 4 metre motion detect range). Depending on the size of the memory card you can record up to 10hours and 40minutes of video! (more than one charge would be needed)

Not only will this work as a spy cam and clock, it will also work as a webcam and MicroSD card reader! Follow the custom written instructions and you cannot go wrong.

 Main Features

  • 1280x960 photographs
  • 2 Hours recording! from a single charge
  • 640x480 @ 30fps video recording
  • Automatic video recording available based on motion detection
  • MicroSD Card Reader (up to 32GB - not included)
  • 640x480 @ 30fps WEBCAM capable!
  • Supports up to 32GB MicroSD
  • Video/Photo and SD Reader compatible with WinXP, Vista, Win7 (32bit and 64bit)
  • Mini USB Cable
  • SKU:LHX0095
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