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Cheap panel vU meter in UK

Pointers Material: Zinc and copper-nickel alloy

Pointer color: black

The direction of the pointer swing : left to right

Pointer length : 44± 1 mm from the center axis to the needle end

Pointer width : 0.45 ± 0.05 mm

Electrical Characteristics:

standard test conditions temperature: 20 ℃, humidity 70% . Can also be
tested under normal temperature and humidity

The influenza degree pointer at the zero scale to the maximum scale
sensitivity of 960uA ± 8% (full scale position)

internal impedance :650Ω ± 10%

Insulation impedance meter outside the box plus the electrical circuit
with 500V DC plus 50M ohm meter shell

Electrical insulation of the circuit impedance is 500V DC voltage test
of the insulation value. Pointer to overlap with the zero-scale
tolerance of ± 1mm balanced meter using a standard position and tilt 90
degrees to allow the error range of ± 1mm

pointer to mount the current instant plus three times the full scale
current, and slowly reduced to the the electric influenza degree 1/2

The pointer will return to the scale plate within 1/3 scale friction
meter coupled with the current, and slowly increase or decrease to a
certain value, indicating the point of error range of ± 1mm,

brake instantly plus scale plate 2/3 of the current value of the pointer
indicates the location of the time required for a second or less.

Special test:

tests on each interval of five seconds to ten times the full scale
current input overload, the action is repeated nine times for each time
of 0.5 seconds .After this test, 7-14 to maintain normal.

vibration test meter packaged in the vibration plate 1,000 times per
minute, up and down 4mm shock In each direction for 10 minutes. After
this test 7-14 to maintain normal impact test meter packaged 30-cm
height of fall in 3cm thick wooden board, XYZ three-direction test.After
this test, 7-14 to maintain normal reliability test the current input of
100,000 calibration points within the limits of current sense is still
the standard environmental impact test temperature of 50 ° C, humidity
85%, for 100 hours, after this test 7-14 to maintain normal.

terminal pull test :terminals must withstand one kilogram tension,
sustained 60 seconds will not be affected


using the temperature limits :-10 ℃ to +60 ℃ RH 35 to 85%

Storage temperature limits :-20 ℃ to +60 ℃ RH 35 to 85%

-----Do not use the meter in direct sunlight, and put the meter in the
box to avoid foreign matter into the meter internal.

Soldering Condition terminal about 3 mm placed in the temperature of 230
℃ tin plate, placed 3.5 seconds.

After this test, 7-14 to maintain normal,

Hand-held soldering gun to solder temperature 350 ℃, the terminal
contact for 3.5 seconds, the terminal front-end of about 3mm contact
with the solder gun.

After this test, 7-14 to maintain normal,

anti-static test in the same direction three times, to characterize the
difference between the pointer in the length of the scale in a
transparent cover surface to dry nylon 1/3 back to the zero position.

Bulbs: 2 white LED backlighting, parallel to the PCB (2.8 - 3.0V )

Package included

1* 1 x panel vU meter