Free shipping - Charging Dock/Cradle SO-02E C6603 DK-26 for Xperia Z L36h LT36i DK26 C6603 Series

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Cheap charging dock in UK
Color: Black | White | Purple
Type: Charging Dock
Compatible Brand: for Sony L36h L36i
The improvement of the base, compared with the original base :
1 The redesigned appearance is more portable and secure than the original dock
2 The defects that the ends of the card slot of the original dock can easily leave traces on the machine have been renovated
3 The touch spot, just as the original dock, adopts the hidden structure, which doesn't appear when the machine isn't put in. And the arc design of the touch spot is also applied in both dock and original dock, which can't wear down the sheet metal of the machine
4 The original arc touch spot owns the common alloy material, whereas, the touch spot of the base has upgraded to gold-plated material, which is of better electrical conductivity and charge faster.
5 Adding the USB output function, it can charge the L36H and the equipment supporting the USB charging at the same time (USB is only an output power)
6 With the protection of over-current, over-voltage and short circuit
7 Solving the problem that the original base can't charge when connecting the computer
8 The power input and output can automatically adapt, foe example, the output current is 1A when you use the power of 5V/1A to connect the base and 2A when you use the 5V/2A