Free shipping - Replacer for Dell Inspiron N4110 Laptop Keyboard X38K3

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Brand New.
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Cheap Keyboard in UK

Color: Black
Version : US
sku: KBD11
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DELL N4110 N4040 N4050 M4040 M4050 14VR M411R
optional keyboard skills (important)
Keyboard production plant, keyboard text, keyboard color, if you are familiar with the keyboard, and do not mind to a computer on the aesthetic problem, these do not affect the use of the keyboard, not the same as buying the wrong notes can be used normally. Buy keyboard really should be noted in the following aspects, the first look at the size of the keyboard will certainly be consistent with your computer, and secondly to carefully observe the position of the screw holes and snap position must be correct (related to the ability to install up) , and then to observe whether the shape of the cable with the length you need, direction, pin number, shape, like (related to your ability to connect to the motherboard on)

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