Free shipping - Noppoo Choc Mini 84 Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX black/brown/red/blue

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Cheap Keyboard in UK

brand new noppoo choc mini conflict-free portable mechanical keyboard(cherry MX red switch)
pretty much come with everything you need from a jull size keyboard to a compact layout,there are features like volume up ,down,play pause,mute ,win key lock,and location swap for left ctrl/caps lock.

1 noppoo choc mini 84 mechanical cherry MX red switch keyboard
2 german original Cherry MX mechanical switches
3 red switch
4 84 keys
5 usb connection NKRO(N-key rollover)conflict-free typing performance,the best choice for gamers.
6 POM key cap,comfortable and durable,
7 font printing method:laser Etched infill on pom.
8 multi-media keys over QWEASD section(volume up/down,play/pause,mute)
9 win key lock function,avoid wrong hit when gaming
10 location swap for left ctrl / caps lock function
11 narrow frame design
12 cap led light
13 compatible system: window pc
14 Dimension: 31.5*12.7*3.5cm
15 Net Weight:750g

Black axis The sense of the paragraph is not obvious , the lowest sound, straight up and down . Whether it is rapidly or soothingly input, it can handle it easily. For the distance of the trigger key is short (1.5MM) and the pressure grams are as large as 80G, it has a good performance in the game.

Tea axis The sense of the paragraph is weaker, compared with the green axis. Compared with the black axis, it is not the straight up and down feeling. The 2.00MM is enough to trigger. And it merged the features of green axis and black axis, which can be easily accepted by the public . ( game good)

Red axis It feels light and has no sense of paragraph when struck , straight up and down , the trigger key distance is 2.0MM. Highland is easier and it can satisfy both the needs of gaming and typing.

Green axis It has the strongest paragraph and mechanical sense. It is representative axis of the mechanical keyboard. The trigger key distance is 2.4MM. The typing rhythm is excellent and has large sound. The pressure grams is 60G ( office good ) .

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