Free shipping - Super Grip Video DV SLR Camera Stabilizing Handle BLACK for Mic video light

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The handle can be used by both a professional or amateur user. This incredible support offers stability and control. The hot shoe attachment enables you to add a video light or flash. Extremely

useful product for skateboarding and other extreme sports.


¯ Turns vitually any consumer video-camera into a steady-cam.

¯ Great for action shots.

¯ Drastically improves stability and versatility of all video cameras.

¯ Has enough clearance to allow for most microphone attachments and lights.

¯ Gives you those critical extra few inches in crowd shots or low hard to reach angels.

¯ Allows the camera operator to make quick and sudden movements in a smooth fashion that will not cause jerky shots. Jerky shots make the viewer aware of the camera and detract from the

image being filmed.


¯ Fits most compact cameras and camcorders with a standard 1/4-20 thread

¯ Cushioned NBR padded handle alleviates the stress of lengthy filming

¯ High-grade ABS impact-absorbent plastic

¯ Non-slip rubber rails

¯ Shoe mount (removable) for video lights, flashes, or microphones

¯ Max camera height: 4.75" (120mm)

¯ Load Weight: 2KG

¯ H x L x W (290mm X 200mm X 105mm)

¯ Product Weight : 493g



Black super grip handle X 1

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